Savieta Batra

SAVIETA BATRADirector, LMNT Sanjeevani

A firm believer in destiny, Savieta was accidentally introduced to the therapy when she was seeking the real purpose of life. Strange are the ways in which the universe conspires to answer your quest. It was a bizarre sequence of events that led Savieta into this new chapter of her life.

Savieta’s encounter with Neurotherapy was brought about by providence. Suffering excruciating pain from a frozen shoulder for over six months, and after having tried, the available options of treatment – allopathy, physiotherapy, acupressure, homeopathy, but to no avail, she continued to be on high doses of ibuprofen every 6 hours to manage the pain. Fatefully, she met a lady, who upon seeing her in so much pain recommended a place where ‘some treatment’ was given to cure pains. Savieta, desperate for a cure, decided to try out the suggested place. Here, she experienced Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s therapy, as a patient.

She took the treatment and in a week’s time she was more than 70% better, a feat no other treatment was able to deliver and so absolute! She was so intrigued with the treatment methodology, the science and miracle of it, that she wanted to know more about it. After some thought and research, she took the big leap – She decided to learn it!

Over the years, she has witnessed and facilitated numerous miracles through the therapy within her family and friends. Now, her life’s purpose is to extend the reach of this therapy, ensuring more individuals can experience its benefits. Bringing happiness and satisfaction, helping others improve through the therapy has become her profound mission.

In the journey of life, Savieta has always strived to learn skills / nuances that make it better and keep us grounded in our rich culture and heritage. In this pursuit of hers, she has done courses in diverse topics like – Image management, Graphology, Vaastu science. And, more recently she acquired a Yoga teacher and wellness expert certification from Yoga Certification Board under the Ministry of Ayush.

Guided by the teachings of Bhagwad Gita, Savieta continues to  serve people through her therapy. Helping people lead healthier lives is now the purpose of her life.

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Neurotherapy Unveiled: Insights from Savieta Batra, Director of LMNT Sanjeevani