Cancer patient’s feedback on Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy (IN HINDI)

Feedback of a Patient cured from skin issues and pain

Over this past year which shook the globe with the shocking spread of the corona virus, our planet witnessed turmoil like never before. During this challenging year, I was experiencing upheaval with my health. Yet, I have been immensely fortunate in benefiting, both physically and emotionally, through Savieta Batra’s guided approach to LMNT in the most wholistic and deepest sense.

I have struggled with migraine headaches for years now, and have tried all manner of conventional and alternative medicines, methodologies and approaches. Nothing worked completely and fully for lasting relief, and none of the therapies tackled the root cause of the migraine quite like LMNT.

Apart from the migraine and its associated symptoms, I have struggled through the pandemic with IBS, anxiety, panic attacks and tinnitus, all of which Savieta has patiently and systematically helped resolve, restoring me to better and better health. No medicines, no complicated treatment plans – rather, a determined belief and approach that the body, mind and soul are capable of healing deep down, restoring the balance.

My treatment has focused on improving my digestion, through stimulating the liver, gastric tract, other abdominal organs, all of which Savieta has trained me to work on myself over Zoom calls. Savieta has guided me on how to improve my gut health. A year on and I’m sold to LMNT! Results and benefits are immediate.

I am so thankful and extremely grateful to Guruji and Savieta for sharing their knowledge, determination and quest for better health and wellbeing for all, without medication!

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Dubai based professional, cured of migraine & IBS

I have been receiving neuropathy treatment from Dr. Batra for a little over a month. I have been suffering from migraines for almost 7-8 years now and more recently the frequency of migraines had increased to almost once a week and sometimes more.

Dr Batra very meticulously explained how the treatment works and what is the principle behind it. She also explained that migraines are largely related to digestive problems. After getting to know my medical history, she put me on a very customised plan of treatment. It has now been almost a month and I have not had any migraine. It takes me about 20 minutes daily to give the treatment to myself and about one hour of treatment twice a week. It is pretty easy to give the treatment to myself and, so far, I have been extremely happy with the results. Have been off pain medication and have not suffered the debilitating impacts of migraine.

A big thank you Dr Batra!

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Financial Services professional from Washington, DC

I was facing weak digestion, IBS related issue, initially I took homeopathy medicine for 1 year and got 70% relief, but once I stopped issue returns, then I was introduced to Neurotherapy, the initial session was about immunity booster and it’s works very well, whenever I feel cold n fever I do this and got immediate relief in illness. Digestion treatment customized by Ms. Savieta Batra works miraculously for me, I recovered around 80% and I am still continuing the digestion therapy taught by her, the best part is without medicine which has always been my first priority in any treatment.

Treatment was revised as per diagnosis 2-3 times and all those works very well. Also the most important part I learned some of therapy like immunity, digestion, toe finger, relaxation, calcium treatment, oxygen, blood circulation which I can use any time as per requirement. I am really thankful that I got introduced and learned some Neurotherapy treatment.

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Academician based out of Delhi